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How to Void a Check: Set up Payments, Deposits, and Investments

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how to write voided check for direct deposit

To do this, write down the original check number in your check register or software you use to track check payments and make a notation that it has been voided. If your bank’s online tools allow you to keep track of your written checks, record it there. Though we voided check live in an age where most of our banking can be done digitally, there are some instances when you’ll be asked to provide your bank information using a blank check. And anyone who has ever written out a physical check knows that it’s possible to make a mistake.

  • Basically, voiding a check you already sent is like bouncing your check preemptively.
  • The only way to give yourself peace of mind is to void the check and then throw it out or shred it.
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  • Or better yet, see if you can send a hard-copy through the mail or via fax.
  • Keep in mind that voiding a check may also be necessary if you’re writing a check and making a mistake.
  • Most likely you’ll need to set up this link to get your paychecks through direct deposit, or to set up a recurring payment like your monthly bills.

In Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Information Systems. It’s worth taking the necessary steps to set up direct deposit because it can save you a lot of time. Another benefit is that many banks charge maintenance fees that can be waived if you set up direct deposit. Setting it up can mean you save a few dollars every month by avoiding bank fees. In theory, you should be able to just provide a routing number and account number to your payroll department. The voided check isn’t necessary, it just happens to have both numbers printed on it. Many banks now offer digital checks or, as mentioned above, a pre-filled direct deposit authorization form for ACH setup purposes.

First: Why void a check?

If you don’t already have checks, you can order checks online. You’ll want to account for what happened to the voided check so you’re not left wondering if you have an outstanding check when you’re reconciling your bank statement.

  • Similarly, you may be asked to submit a voided check for automated clearing house transfers, such as bill and loan payments.
  • But we live in a modern world with new approaches ways to handle money.
  • Then, your payroll department will need to track where the money was sent.
  • Just make sure that you write the word with bold letters and tall and wide enough to cover the whole face of the check with a dark pen or fine marker.
  • But if you don’t have a blank check, voiding a check may require additional steps.

You will need to know who it was for, how much it was for, and the check number. If you aren’t sure of any of this information or get it wrong, the check could still be cashed, and the only way to avoid financial loss would be to freeze the account. A creative solution is to have a check printer to generate an image of a voided check for you.

Is a voided check the same as a canceled check?

Wells Fargo will automatically enter your account number and routing number in the direct deposit form. If you want to get fancy with your money management, or just automate it further, you can split your direct deposits. That means that you can have a portion of your paycheck sent to different accounts. In many cases, your employer can establish direct deposit simply with you providing your routing and account numbers, as well as how your name appears on the account. Check with your employer’s payroll department to determine if this is an option. Whoever’s asking for your voided check usually needs only your routing and bank account number.

What is Direct Deposit? – Acorns

What is Direct Deposit?.

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You may need to provide a voided check when you set up automatic bill payments, deposits from your employer, or investments from your bank account. Your bank account information appears on those checks, and whoever asked for the voided check will use those details to set up an electronic link to your bank account. There is only one hitch, you need to know how to void a check, and you may not have done that before. To void a check to provide your employer to set up direct deposit, take a blank check and write “VOID” in large letters across the entire check. Be certain that you don’t cover the routing or the account numbers, which your employer will use to make sure your paycheck goes to the right account. Make a copy of the check to send to your employer, and keep the original for your own records.

You’re Setting Up a Payment Account

So you wrote a check and gave it or sent it, but now you need to cancel it. Maybe you don’t need the check anymore, or you messed up writing it out and need to change something on it. Sometimes you’ll need to cancel a check payment after you’ve already sent or given the check.

Is a voided check required for direct deposit?

Often employers require a voided check to set up a direct deposit, but this isn’t always a necessity. In some cases it’s possible to fill out a direct deposit form without a voided check. That said, voided checks contain all of the information needed to set up a direct deposit, which is why they are helpful.

But if you don’t have a blank check, voiding a check may require additional steps. If this is the case, discuss your options with your financial institutions to see if you can submit information or paperwork online. You may need a voided check to set up a bank account, direct deposit, or automatic bill payment. You may also decide to void a check if you filled it out wrong or completed a mobile deposit and want to make sure it can’t be used again. You can easily void a check by writing “VOID” across the front of the check, using blue or black ink and large letters.

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