The Mission operates in six political districts.

  1. Kabarole
  2. Kamwenge
  3. Kyenjojo
  4. Kitagwenda
  5. Bunyangabu
  6. Kyegegwa

Mid-western Mission is part of the greater western Uganda field which is stretched from Muzizi river North western to Rwimi south western of Uganda. It boarders Western Uganda field in the north, Rwenzori field in west, South western Uganda field in the south, North Buganda field in the east. Historically western Uganda filed was made up of two major cultural groups thus (Bunyoro with Banyoro people group and Tooro with the Batooro people group, BUT the language is 95 percent similar).


Mid-western Uganda Mission comprises of Kyenjojo, Kyegegwa, Kamwenge, Kitagwenda, Bunyangabu, kabarole and Fort PortalTourism city asgovernment administrative units called districts.We have 16 administrative church districts and 3 sub-districts located in three church zones. The zones are;

  1. Fort portal zone which coordinates the following church districts and sub districts (Kagote with 1123 members, ,Kazingo-482, Kadindimo-666,Kihembo-462,Kasiisi-787,Kiijura-387and mugusu-740members ). Fort portal zone is operating in Kabarole district and Bunyangabu administrative units of the government
  2. Kyejojo zone which coordinates the following church districts (Kyejojo-889, Kyegegwa-1724, Kagorogoro-463, Kazinga-473, Kyakatwire-462and Katooke-412members). Kyejojo zone is operating in Kyenjojo and Kyegegwa political districts of the government
  3. Kamwenge zone coordinates (Kamwenge-1061, Munara-693, Rugarama-565, Rushango-341and Rwamwanja-1098 members). Kamwenge zone is operating in Kamwenge and Kitagwenda government administrative districts. Statistics as by 2020